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The village of Belorado which is of celtiberian origin, constitutes one of the major milestones in the Jacobea route.
It is located about 40 kilometers from Burgos, in the region of Montes de Oca near La Rioja. Known as the capital of La Riojilla Burgalesa.

It deserves a slow calm visit so you don´t miss any of its attractions

Places to visit in Belorao

The village retains numerous attractions and all the atmosphere of the route of Jacobea in its streets.
The history of Belorado, gives pilgrims the chance to see, in a single place, various artistic and architectural styles that covers the rebirth of the Baroque, passing by the Gothic and Rococo.

Main square of Belorado


The Plaza Mayor stands out for its characteristic porticoes and emblazoned houses. The central bandstand and promenade that surrounds it are the center of Beliforana life and lives all the atmosphere of the Trail of Santiago.
Also situated there is the digital Centre of Promotion of Jacobean, which gives information to the Pilgrim arriving in Belorado.

International Museum of Radio Transmission Innocence Bocanegra

Belorado is the first museum in the Community of Castilla y León with this topic.

  • The highlight: Is a complete Russian cosmonaut spacesuit, the Galena Radio (from the Decade of the twenties from the last century), equipment used in the Second World War…
  • The silo: The building has been rehabilitated preserving all the machinery, creating an open space that enables understanding of the different grains (ten) deposits, which act as display windows.
  • The trench: Since the collection is closely linked to the military world, a trench from The First World War has been recreated.

Spiritual Strole


A unique and pioneering initiative in a World Heritage Site element. It is a walk of Fame Hollywood boulevard-style, but with hundreds of years of history.

Famous athletes, and some actors have already left their particular mark such as Alberto Contador, Miguel Indurain, the world champion of Athletics Marta Dominguez and actors Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez and Deborah Kara Unger (the main actors of the famous  american film “The Way” shot in the St. James Trail in 2010)

St. Peter’s Church


The chancel is presided by a superb specimen of 18th century altarpiece Roco style carved by the Solana, masters of the villa.
The vaults as well as the canvases painted on the altars of the side chapels, are the works of Gaspar Palacios.
In the chapel of Adoration there are several busts of Saints and relics of the martyrs of Cardeña, originating from the Church of Santa Maria.

Church of Saint Mary


Appears cited with the name of Chapel of Saint Mary, for having been originally the chapel of the Castle, although it was rebuilt in the 16th century.
It is a large building of Renaissance style, with three naves covered by vaults on six pillars and a half dome.
In the chapel of Santiago there is an altarpiece with an image of Santiago Peregrino and another of Santiago Matamoros.
The temple is presided by a grand Baroque altarpiece, where the Gothic image of the 13th century of the Virgin’s Chapel is located.

Belorado´s Castle


Plaza of Cid was received as a dowry when he married Doña Jimena . They are the remains of an important fortress bordering with Navarra and the ancient wall which sits on an elevated escarpment, during the era of the reconquest.

Chapel of our Lady of Bethlehem


Located outside the walls is the Hermitage of our Lady of Bethlehem, where the Confraternity of Santiago lies.
The Confraternity of medieval origin, was reserved only for the wealthy noblemen, whose books are partly preserved since 1540.
The building was a pilgrim´s hospital and later become a hermitage. It was rebuilt in the eighteenth century after having been destroyed by a fire.

Convent of our Lady the Bretonera


Next to the Church of the same name, and run by Clarisian nuns.
The Church from the 16th century of Gothic and plateresque styles, in which there is located a Baroque altarpiece. Until a few decades ago, it preserved one of the most ancient sacramentals of the spanish theatre.

Activities and Sports


In Belorado you can perform many different activities: Paintball, caving, abseiling and climbing, zip-wire, hiking, orientation, 4 × 4, winter mountaineering, paragliding, archery and mountain biking routes.
We encourage you to practice them with your friends.

The hostel

The hostel is situated in the centre of Belorado behind the Plaza Mayor.
There are two types of rooms available from 7€ and 11€ and other amenities for the pilgrims including garden with pool, laundry, heating and WiFi.
We are open from March to November from 11:30 until 22:00.

Albergue Cuatro Cantones

The restaurant

Do not miss our delicious home cooked meals made with local produce. We have breakfast buffet for our guests and special dinner menus for the pilgrims. Our opening hours are from 13:30 to 16:30 for lunch and from 19:30 to 22:00 for dinner.

Albergue-restaurante Cuatro Cantones


Reserve now with the best price guaranteed and enjoy the trail as you truly deserve, no rush and no worries ;)


Reservations of room, dinner and breakfast can be done online.

09250 Belorado, Burgos, España


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