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August Hours: Open from 11:30h to 22h

C / Hipólito López Bernal, n. 10 · 09250 BELORADO (Burgos)


  • Phone: 947 580 591
  • Mobile Phones: 686,906,492 (Jana) / 650 434 464 (Iker)

Email: info@cuatrocantones.com

Albergue Cuatro Cantones

Cuatro Cantones, the story of a family

From “Cuatro Cantones” we thank the pilgrims confidence in our team. Ye do we feel motivated and enjoy our job as the first day. We are a family hostel, private initiative has not had or have any kind of grant; your support is all that we receive. Sincerely, thank you very much. We wait for you. GOOD WAY!



“You will find me at the reception desk right at the entrance. I think hospitality and customer service is a right every pilgrim deserves after walking for so many hours. I will be glad to accommodate you and clear up all your doubts – and I speak English and French too ;)”



“My favourite place…the restaurant. I just love choosing and trying the best ingredients so all dished turn out the best and just right. And for the same price no one says you cannot add some extra love and common sense.”



“I am always in charge of the lawn area, the pool, the animals, the green house and general maintenance. The green area is the most relaxing place of the house. Everyday I deliver bottles of water all across the Camino de Santiago route for those pilgrims who come to Belorado. And remember I don´t want any donations – just happy faces. Some pilgrims even call me The Waterman!”



Showed us things you cannot see or touch – true hospitality, the essence of the Camino de Santiago, respect to others, her fancy way of cooking and her good advices. All this has made of “Cuatro Cantones” a far better place. We will always remember you with the same love you gave us.

Since 2002, 15 years full of illusion


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